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Production Order

Thank you for having taken an interest for our production. In order we shall be able to deliver our product to meet your technical requirements fully, we suggest that you should fill up questionnaires for getting a ball cleaning system or/and manufacturing water filters and send it/them to us in any suitable way (by post, e-mail, fax).

The filled up questionnaires are not the papers that impose a duty on you, such as, for instance, some financial or treaty obligations, but they are source engineering data for a technical offer development for the product delivery that you are interested in.

After our technical experts have studied your questionnaires technical data they will develop and send a technical offer for the delivery of the product that you admitted.

A contract for the supply of the products of Limited Liability Company "Oceanmashenergo" is concluded with mutual coordination of all aspects (technical, financial and others).

Forms of questionnaires can be downloaded here.

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