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Ball cleaning system for condenser tubes power plants generating units

Purpose and Scope

Ball cleaning system (BCS) is designed to prevent deposits of organic and mineral matter and the formation of deposits on the inner surfaces of the cooling condenser pipes of power by transmitting power in the process of sponge rubber balls. BCS is applied on blocks thermal power plants with capacity of 200, 300 and 800 MW.

Constituent elements of BCS

BCS is a complex of equipment that is built into the water pipe cooling system heat exchanger.

BCS consists of a pre-filter, installed in the penstock, and a circulation circuit of balls, comprising: a pump pumping balls, loading device of balls, device input of balls in the penstock, device collecting balls.

Description of the design elements BCS

Pre-filter - filter of FSB series works on the well known principle of reverse flow flushing water grids automatically. Even the use of only the filter provides a significant effect, preventing the capacitor from contamination and providing a stable circulation of balls in the presence of inclusions in the water for more than 5 mm.

Device collecting balls device is installed in the cylindrical body at an angle to the flow of water two sieves formed thin stainless steel plates. Special pockets on the periphery of the sieve completely exclude hanging balls in device collecting balls.

Pump pumping balls - vortex special pump that provides sufficient pressure for downloading balls in the penstock through the input device balls while preserving their integrity.

Loading device of balls has a cylindrical body with inlet and outlet water in a radial direction. Inside the housing is mounted distribution grid, with ball valves on the outside provides the functions load of balls, catching them, unloading or temporary confinement, followed by the launch of the system.

Description of the operation BCS

Principle of operation BCS is to provide circulation through condenser tubes of porous rubber ball having a diameter of 1-2 mm greater than the internal diameter of the tubes. When moving the tubes from their beads removed any internal surfaces in their initial deposition stage, preventing their further growth. BCS works as follows.

In an loading device of balls 3 laid certain amount (3-5% of the number of tubes in the condenser) of porous rubber balls 7.

Balls are served in the penstock 12 through the input device 5 balls before entering the condenser.

With the flow of cooling water sequentially balls pass, compressing, through each tube condenser 11, purified of inorganic and organic pollution prevent the formation of deposits in the tubes.

At the outlet of the condenser to drain water line 13 balls caught device for catching balls 2, from pump pumping balls 4 through loading device 3 balls back to the discharge conduit 12 and the cycle is repeated.

In the water line 12 to the input device balls 5 is installed pre-filter water 1. The filter cleans the water from contamination larger than 3...5 mm.

BCS work in semi-automatic mode, controls, automation and control unit 10. For BCS can be used balls, manufacturers of Ukraine, Germany or Russia. Approximate resistance balls - about 300 hours (depending on the condition of the tubes). With no further purification BCS tubes is not needed.

Photo of elements BCS

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