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1. How much does your filter type FSC, (FSB, FCA or hand-held filters cost)?

To determine the exact cost of the ordered filter we need to know its type and the following characteristics: capacity, operating pressure, allowable pressure drop across the filter diameter, water conduits diameter, a minimum particle size to be selected from a stream.

The prices of our automated filters are below the prices of the main filters suppliers in the foreign countries (Germany, Israel, USA, Canada, etc.), and the price of our hand-held filters are several times lower than the prices of our automated water filters.

To calculate the required cost of the filter you need, we suggest that you should fill in the questionnaire, send it to us and in two or three days you will receive the offer, which will reflect the price and terms of the delivery of the product you are interested in.

2. Payment Procedure.

It is determined by the contract. Usually the cost stated by the contract is made as an advance payment on the fact of signing the contract and the rest - on the fact of the product readiness for shipment or delivery to the Customer. There are other forms of payment.

3. Terms of delivery.

As a general rule, depending on the type of equipment, its delivery is performed within 3-6 months from the date of receipt of advance payment receiving by the Seller.

When ordering a batch of filters (more than two products with similar specifications) delivery time can be reduced by 0,5-1 per month.

4. Delivery point.

Ukrainian enterprises.Carriage of the filter is to the customers warehouse or (by his decision - negotiated agreement) to the named destination in the territory of Ukraine. Delivery cost is included in the price of the filter on the terms CPT.

Enterprises in Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries. Delivery terms are stipulated in the contract. Carriage is possible under DDU.

5. Delivery set.

Automated filters. The cost of delivery includes delivery of the filter in a designated set - the filter itself, automation and control unit, drain valve assembly with a electrical drive, SPTA set, maintenance documentation, (including a passport with a certificate of warranty, a certificate of quality, a maintenance manual).

Delivery set may be completed with flanges with accessories for connections and seals, adapters, additional or spare filtering elements and grids for them and etc. extra payment.

Filters with manual control. The cost of delivery includes delivery of the filter in a designated set - the filter itself, SPTA set, maintenance documentation (including a passport with a certificate of warranty, a certificate of quality, a maintenance manual).

Delivery set may be completed with flanges with accessories for connections and seals, adapters, additional or spare filtering elements and grids for them and etc. extra payment.

6. Warranties.

Providers Warranty on the supplied filters is valid for 12 months since the date of the equipments implementation, but no more than 18 months after delivery.

7. Automated filters operation principle.

The filter has a special mesh filter element. When polluting filter element is automatically put on washing for 20 - 30 seconds.

Cleaning is performed automatically by the reverse flow of filtered water, which is created consistently through some parts of the filter element:

through a time gap given by time-delay device or (according to customer when ordering);

when the pressure drop across the filter specified in the manometer (due to the pollution of the filter element).

When washing the filter, water filtration and supply it to consumers does not stop.

8. The principle of the manual control filter.

Two types of filters are supplied: with cleaning without automation: manual control filters FRU and manual control dual - chamber filters FDR.

FRU is a complex filter that is assembled on-site application of a few (2 - 3 or more) cylindrical filter units with mesh filter elements inside.

Each filter unit is connected to the pipeline by means of filtered water inlet and outlet branch pipe through the normally open Butterfly valves (manual or powered).

Each filter unit has a hatch at one end, and on the other - normally closed discharge valve with output to drain.

When filter is clogged, then each filter unit is washed by turns. To do this, the inlet valve is closed and discharge valve is opened manually.

It creates a reverse flow of water, which cleans up the grid and makes a pollution discharge.

If necessary, when the grid is clogged with indelible water inclusions filter unit is isolated from the filtered water pipeline with butterfly valves. Filter element, taken out of it, is cleaned manually in the open hatch.

Filter FDR is made similar to FRU, but has no discharge valve. The filter includes two filter blocks with Butterfly valves and it is supplied fully assembled in a single product. The filter blocks cleaning of the filter FDR is conducted alternately by hand.

When washing or cleaning the filtration blocks of filter FRU and FDR water filtering and feed it to consumers does not stop. Filters of this type can be used without the bypass line.

9. Water consumption for washing the filter.

Average water consumption for flushing any filter is less than 0.1% of total water consumption.

Rinsing of the filter includes on the average once every 4 hours (depending on the degree of water contamination) for 20 - 30 seconds.

10. The pressure drop across the filter.

The pressure drop across the filter at a nominal flow rate and a clean filtering element is 0.05 - 0.25 bar, specified when ordering.

11. General Recommendations on the automated filter type choice.

For general conditions (in the absence of special requirements for working condition) the following filters are recommended:

for Passage Diameter 200 - 700 mm and capacity 170 - 2100 m3/h - filter type FSC and FSV;

for Passage Diameter 800 - 1800 mm and more and capacity 2700 - 13500 m3/h - filter type FSB.

eteris paribus DSF and the FSB filters are preferred. For low pressures (up to 1 bar) the following filters are recommended:

FSA 400, FSA 500, FSA 600 - For example, as an auxiliary filters for thermal power plants;

FSB - For example, for circulating water conduits of thermal power plants;

In the cramped conditions of installation FSV.

12. When is it advisable to use manual filters.

Filters series of FDR and FRU are applied at a relatively pure water or at the water tainted with accidental Inclusions, if under the application conditions it is impossible to use automated filters of the specified range (there is no possibility of the wash water draining, the high price, etc.).

Filter element cleaning in the two-chamber FDR manual filter is made by hand, which foresees the filter element removing in one of the sections.

The cleaning in the FRU manual control filter is performed by reverse flow of water, but the management of flushing (turning on and off with washing hand flaps of the separate sections) is made by the operator.

In both cases, while filter elements of manual filters cleaning, filtration of water and its supply to consumers does not stop.

If you did not find answers to your question on this page, you can ask it by e-mail, you are welcome to call to our technical support service or to contact us any convenient way for you.

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