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About Oceanmashenergo Ltd

Scientific and Production Limited Liability Company "Oceanmashenergo" (Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk) was founded in 2004.

The company was organized to create new technologies and sophisticated equipment, which work is connected with water: filters and equipment to prevent fouling of heat exchangers tubes for various purposes.

Former employees of a research institute Oeanmash formed the new companys staff mainly.

Traditional Research and Design Institute Okeanmash directions of work on technology and the equipment for mining from the bottom of ponds, their cleaning and deepening, technologies and tools for water clarification have been preserved.

The Research and Design Institute carries out a work package on creation of the filter and other equipment on turnkey terms, from design to manufacturing, installation and service to meet the requirements of the customer.

We are a strong, dynamic company, which holds leading market position in Ukrainian market in the field of the development and implementation of equipment for process water filtration. We are a company with established reputation as a reliable partner and a great potential for the future. We regularly conduct marketing, engineering, research and development activities to ensure continuous improvement of our products).

Today we are engaged in designing, manufacturing and supply of equipment for a number of sectors of Ukraine economy. In this case the delivery is accompanied by the contract supervision, installation, testing and launching of the equipment, its after-sales service.

We offer our services:

for the metallurgical, mining, concentrating, chemical industry and agriculture - automated self-washed and hand-held filters for technological and irrigation water, as well as small ball cleaning system for clogging and overgrowing prevention of the tubular heat-transfer devices;

for power engineering - optimal ball cleaning system for clogging and overgrowing prevention of the tubular heat-transfer device and automated cooling water filters;

for underwater mining - mining and drilling systems, samplers of different types and purposes, technologies of underwater mining of incoherent minerals.

A distinctive feature of the company is developing technologies and designs for specific conditions of the customer with a careful study of the above conditions, theoretical and experimental studies, continuous improvement of our own products according to their operation.

Systematic contacts with the consumers of our products can make it even better and more perfect.

As part of Limited Liability Company "Oceanmashenergo" there is the design bureau and the research sector, which successfully and creatively employs highly qualified specialists.

Two candidates of Technical Sciences work in the company, groundworks of which made it possible to prepare and defend one candidate's dissertation.

Students of the National Mining University have practical training and carry out different projects at the company.

The products manufacturing and piloting are taken at its own production basis, equipped with advanced production, technology, measuring and test equipment and devices.

We are sincerely interested in mutually beneficial cooperation with your company.

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