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December 2016

Another patent of Ukraine UA 113232 "Filter brush" for the development of Okeanmashenergo was received. Filter is a security document for filters Okeanmashenergo trade marks FRU.

September 2016

On the instructions of OOO AQUAPLAST, we carried out research based on the study based on the study and analysis of working conditions, water to be cleaned, used for this substance and reagents, inspections and chemical analysis of existing containers of the same purpose for corrosion-resistant steel grades for the manufacture of new containers.

The purpose of the research work was to determine the most probable causes of the corrosive destruction of the bulk coal filters housed in the water treatment technological cycle, with the rationale for selecting, on the basis of their analysis, acceptable corrosion-resistant steel grades for the manufacture of coal filter casings and similar containers.

In the course of the work, the following was investigated: initial water at the inlet to the water treatment system and water collected at characteristic points of the system, material of the filtering fillings, material of the shells, bottoms and welded seams of existing filters, technological modes of operation of bulk filters, factors affecting the corrosion resistance of the shell material.

As a result of the research, the reasons for the corrosive destruction of the carbon filter housings used in the AQUAPLAST water treatment cycle are established, the choice of acceptable corrosion-resistant steel grades for the manufacture of coal filter casings and similar containers has been developed, and recommendations have been developed to minimize further corrosive destruction of existing equipment , assembly drawings of bulk filter casks and storage tanks have been developed.

July 2016

Filter FVA

We have developed and are ready to supply a completely new type of unique industrial water filters: FVA (FVR) filters for suction lines of pumps.

Features of this type of filters is their use in water conduits with a pressure below atmospheric (in water conduits with vacuum).

Filters work on the principle of trapping and accumulating contaminants on the mesh filter element with its periodic cleaning with pressurized water jets. Can be used for costs up to 2100 m3/hr (up to DN 800 mm) wherever they pass by the dimensions and mounting conditions.

Typical applications of filters PVA (FVR): suction pipelines water pumps in metallurgical, energy, chemical, agrarian industry, in municipal services. Filters clean the water directly in the suction pipe before entering the pump.

Filter FZA

Another type of fundamentally new industrial filters for water - is the FZA , sampling filters, which ensure the purification of water directly at the site of its collection.

FZA series filters (FZR) are universal filters and are designed for installation directly in intake water in suction waterways of pumps for water purification from mechanical impurities. Can be used for costs up to 2100 m3 /hr (up to DN 800 mm) wherever they pass by the dimensions and mounting conditions. If necessary, filters can be supplied for high flow rates and large DN.

Typical applications of FZA filters (FZR): onshore filtration (pumping) stations, receiving sump pumps after the pump cooling towers in the metallurgical, energy, chemical, agrarian industries, in the municipal economy. Filters provide purification of water when it is taken from natural (river, lake, cooling pond, etc.) and artificial (receiving sump, pool of cooling towers, collection of drainage water, etc.) of open reservoirs. Filters clean the water directly at the site of its intake, leaving the pollution in the pond.

June 2016

The title of the journal "Underwater technologies" The first page of the article

The article "EXPANSION OF POSSIBILITIES OF NET INDUSTRIAL WATER FILTERS" (authors Victor Kuhar, Vitaliy Kuzminsky, Olga Ovchinnikova) is published. The article is printed in the journal "Underwater technologies", 2016, 4, . 60-71. he article shows that the most common strainer filters for technical water in the area of ??the filter element grid have reached their limit. A solution of this problem is presented in the filters of the new type OOO "Okeanmashenergo". A standard size range of filters was developed and mastered in production, research was carried out with the development of a methodology for calculating new filters. You can read the article here or here.

May, 2016

May 11, 2016 our site was visited by 20 thousand visitors! Thanks to everyone who has become acquainted with our site, thanks to those interested in modern filters and related questions!

March, 2016

According to the results of our scientific research prepared by the article "Broaden options industrial grid water filters"

In the article shows that the most common mesh filters for industrial water in part of the area of the filter mesh have reached their limit. The solution of this problem in the filters of a new type of "Okeanmashenergo". Developed and mastered in the production of standard series of filters, conducted research with the development of methods for calculating the new filters.

Article prepared for publication in the journal "Underwater Technology".

February, 2016

Completed design and technological work on the modernization of FK series of filters. When upgrading to more fully take into account the additional wishes of customers and commercial operation of such filters in metallurgical enterprises of Ukraine. The filter design used modern technological solutions that improve manufacturing quality and reliability of the design. With a slight change in the appearance of the filter retains all well-proven features of the filters "Okeanmashenergo" Ltd - collection efficiency of various solid contaminants and their output for the filter limits automatically, without human intervention, and cessation of filtration, simplicity of design and maintenance of heavy duty water supply domestic enterprises.

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