Commercial department +38-068-1774681Technical support +38-068-4048062

Contacts Oceanmashenergo, Ltd

49041, Ukraine, Dnepr, str. Kombriga Petrova, 5.

Multichannel phone/fax +38-056-3729436.

Director Kukhar Victor Yurievich +38-067-6326931.

Commercial Department +38-068-1774681.

Technical Support +38-068-4048062.

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Mission of Oceanmashenergo, Ltd

Representation of Russian Federation "TehPromSnab" Ltd.

127018, Russia, Moscow, st. Skladochnaya, house 3, building 5.

Contact person – Shumilin Sergei Vladimirovich +7-495-4107733/

Representation of Republic of Uzbekistan "ENERGONEFTEGAS" Ltd.

100142, Republic of Uzbekistan, city Tashkent, str. Sultonia, 24.

Contact person – Barykin Aleksandr Sergeevish, tel./fax: +99890-977-7716, +99890-919-0889.

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